Voxtrain Double Pass, the pricing deal you can’t afford to miss

Pricing special extended to 1 September 2014! A Double Pass Special is being offered to early adopters of Voxtrain for a limited time, ending on 1 September 2014. This special offers doubled time on any of the fixed term passes purchased. A Voxtrain pass allows users to access a comprehensive singing training curriculum with high definition [...]

5 reasons why you perhaps wouldn’t sign up with Voxtrain

Let's just deal with the reality that Voxtrain may not be a fit for everyone, that’s just life.  Here are some points to consider of why you may not initially choose to jump on board with us: 1. You are technically challenged You need to know how to use a computer, navigate the web (if [...]

Crowd or stage? Where do you like to sing?

There are people that like to sing in a crowd and there are people that like to sing to a crowd. My summer holiday started on a high as my favourite football team won the FIFA world cup. The streets of Berlin were alive with songs of celebration for days after Germany’s victorious win. Their [...]

Which Voxtrain pass is right for you?

Voxtrain is the revolutionary new online singing training tool that can help you to get your voice in shape. The beauty of signing up with Voxtrain is that you can train on your own time and at any place you wish. It's so affordable that now anyone can reach their dreams of singing excellence. But [...]