5 Tips For a Great Karaoke Experience

It’s the end of another year and party fever is high. For many budding singers out there it is time to let your hair down and show your friends what you can do. There is no better place to do that than at a Karaoke party. The key to successful spontaneity is planned spontaneity. Secretly [...]

Movie inspiration for singers this holiday

Got some down time this holiday? Want to inspire the singer in you? Take a look at these great movie titles that are guaranteed to whisper courage into you and get you singing your heart out. Grab your popcorn, and get comfy on the sofa… 1. Walk the Line (2005) No one can quite sing [...]

Agility, the Coveted Singing Skill

Singing agility is the amazing ability to sing a sequence of notes quickly and accurately with fluidity and ease, without any strain. Thinking about Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake will give you an idea of what an agile voice sounds like. But why is it such a coveted skill? The natural elasticity of vocal [...]

And you thought singing was just about your vocal cords…

You may not have thought of this before, but when you sing, you are using much more than your vocal cords. It’s a joint effort; you actually use your whole body. Being aware of how your body contributes to your singing is essential to getting a great sound. You have marvellous echo chambers, hot spots [...]