It’s the end of another year and party fever is high. For many budding singers out there it is time to let your hair down and show your friends what you can do. There is no better place to do that than at a Karaoke party.

The key to successful spontaneity is planned spontaneity. Secretly having a few party tricks up your sleeve can turn you into the party hero.

Here are 5 tips for a great karaoke experience:

1. Choose 3 songs in advance that you know really well. You have already got your nerves and an unfamiliar environment to contend with, an unknown song will just add to the pressure.

2. Determine the key for your voice. Karaoke software often gives you more than one option for the key. This can make or break your moment.

3. Know the lyrics. Yes, the lyrics are on the screen, but it can distract you from engaging with the audience.

4. Make friends with your nerves. If you are well prepared then your nerves can actually take your performance up a notch, but if you are not well prepared, nerves can sabotage your performance. Everybody gets nervous, even professionals. Nerves are part of the thrill.

5. Schedule your pints appropriately. One drink can loosen you up for the big moment, but two drinks might give you slurred speech, ‘nuff said.

Here is a short clip of a karaoke moment I shared with ReAnn Taylor at White Trash in Berlin. We ignored four out of the five tips above, but it was fun anyway.

From everyone at Voxtrain, we wish you a joyous singing 2015!