Singing agility is the amazing ability to sing a sequence of notes quickly and accurately with fluidity and ease, without any strain. Thinking about Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake will give you an idea of what an agile voice sounds like. But why is it such a coveted skill?

The natural elasticity of vocal cords varies from person to person, so you may be blessed with super stretchy vocal cords or the less stretchy variety. For those endowed with the super stretch, agility seems effortless, but for the rest of us, agility appears to be a far off goal. But don’t worry, the good news is that with perseverance, a little ‘know how’ and a good set of exercises (we suggest voxtrain), you can greatly improve your singing agility.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your voice’s agility:

1. Get your brain involved

Your brain plays an important role in achieving accuracy when it comes to singing with speed and agility. It is the control centre for your vocal muscles, so agility starts here. As you practice those quick runs, new pathways are developed in your brain.

2. Choose a favourite

Choose a phrase, scale or pentatonic that you particularly like. Use this idea to build up agility by singing slowly and then speeding it up.

3. Start slow

When you start at the slowest possible speed where you make no mistakes, it enables your brain to figure out the notes first and then to build new mental pathways. As you increase the speed it up, you will find that you begin to sing naturally with ease, accuracy and fluidity.

4. Letting go

Relaxed muscles can do their job much better than tense ones, so if you want a fluid and agile voice, you have to let go of all tension. Self consciousness and a low self esteem also have to go. Be confident that your voice CAN sound good.

5. Exercise

Just as gymnasts have to work their muscles to maintain their tone, elasticity and flexibility, so too do singers need to work their vocal muscles. Voxtrain, the new online singing tool, is an incredible resource for singers who want to exercise their voice. Voxworkout, the vocal gym, provides daily singing exercises to help singers improve.