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To sing or not to sing

Should everybody sing?  If you listen to some of those auditions on the popular television singing competitions, you would probably say, “Definitely not!” Let’s face it, not everyone is born to be on a stage, but maybe that’s not entirely true. Let me rephrase, not everyone is born to be a world famous singer.  The [...]

5 Tips For a Great Karaoke Experience

It’s the end of another year and party fever is high. For many budding singers out there it is time to let your hair down and show your friends what you can do. There is no better place to do that than at a Karaoke party. The key to successful spontaneity is planned spontaneity. Secretly [...]

Falsetto and Head Voice

Recently we went out for dinner with Simon Horn from Audient. As a Voxtrain user himself, he fired a couple of questions at me regarding falsetto and head voice singing. This prompted me to write on the topic. Thank you Simon! Most people refer to falsetto as a certain tone quality in high male singing, [...]

Crowd or stage? Where do you like to sing?

There are people that like to sing in a crowd and there are people that like to sing to a crowd. My summer holiday started on a high as my favourite football team won the FIFA world cup. The streets of Berlin were alive with songs of celebration for days after Germany’s victorious win. Their [...]

In a singing rut? This is how you get out

A singing rut? Yes, a singing rut. Every person in pursuit of creating or training runs into psychological barricades at some point in their journey. But what is meant by a singing rut? Surely you just open your mouth and sing? This could be true for a casual singer, but for those who are in [...]