Have you ever considered the importance of breathing? Breathing is the foundation that singers build on.  Knowing about your breathing apparatus is a good start, but learning how to harness its various functions not only enables you to improve your voice, it gets you singing like a pro. If you breathe well, you will sing well. Here’s a checklist of the things that contribute to good breathing technique:

1. Lungs

Are you filling up your lungs properly?  Your lungs are shaped like a tear drop with the bigger part on the bottom and the narrower part on top.  When you breathe in, you should fill up your lungs from the bottom.  If your ribcage lifts out, you are doing it correctly.  This is called deep breathing and it gives you enough air to sing to the end of a phrase without passing out.  If you are filling your lungs from the top only, your chest and shoulders will rise instead.  This is called shallow breathing and will give you poor results.

2. Diaphragm

The diaphragm is the dome shaped muscle that sits underneath your lungs.  When you exhale it flattens to make space for the expanding lungs, and then returns to its original shape when you inhale.  This muscle controls the outflow of air when you are singing, almost like a harness.  Its job is to prevent air from gushing out uncontrollably.  The slower the air escapes on exhalation, the more air you have for singing.  Are you aware of your diaphragm when you sing?

3. Breath support muscles

The diaphragm doesn’t work in isolation, it works in unison with the breath support muscles.  Do you know how to control your exhalation to prevent overblowing?  When too much air passes through your delicate vocal chords, your voice will sound strained and become sore.  To be able to control your breath without losing its power, you need to engage and strengthen these breath support muscles.

4. Good habits

It takes years for a singer’s voice to reach full maturity.  If attention is paid to good breathing technique in the early stages of a developing voice, there is a strong chance that good habits will be established and will ensure longevity in a singing career.  Do you have good habits when it comes to singing?

5. Voxtrain

Have you heard about Voxtrain?  It is the new online singing training tool that singers are raving about.  Voxtrain shows its users how to master good breathing technique and provides daily exercises with the Voxworkout vocal gym.  After six months of using Voxtrain, singers say they have a greater lung capacity, sing with a greater range and have more stamina.  Improve your voice with Voxtrain.  See www.voxtrain.com.