And you thought singing was just about your vocal cords…

You may not have thought of this before, but when you sing, you are using much more than your vocal cords. It’s a joint effort; you actually use your whole body. Being aware of how your body contributes to your singing is essential to getting a great sound. You have marvellous echo chambers, hot spots [...]

Falsetto and Head Voice

Recently we went out for dinner with Simon Horn from Audient. As a Voxtrain user himself, he fired a couple of questions at me regarding falsetto and head voice singing. This prompted me to write on the topic. Thank you Simon! Most people refer to falsetto as a certain tone quality in high male singing, [...]

Singers: How to fix those voice breaks

Don’t you hate it when your voice breaks when you are singing? It’s a common problem that many developing singers encounter, but with a little understanding of how your vocal anatomy works, you can overcome it. In your quest for smoothing the breaks in your voice, let’s start with understanding why they happen. To put [...]

Improve your singing with a vocal gym

Just like an athlete works his body to get to the top of his game, so too can a singer train his voice in order to become an accomplished performer. Athletes spend agonising hours learning to control body and mind for that pinnacle moment of performance. As a singer, if you want to turn heads, [...]

My voice range

In the singing world you may be asked on more than one occasion, “What are you?’’  You may want to answer with something sarcastic, like, “I thought I looked like a normal human,” but that may not gain you any points within the present company.  What the question is implying is how is your voice [...]

Voxtrain Double Pass, the pricing deal you can’t afford to miss

Pricing special extended to 1 September 2014! A Double Pass Special is being offered to early adopters of Voxtrain for a limited time, ending on 1 September 2014. This special offers doubled time on any of the fixed term passes purchased. A Voxtrain pass allows users to access a comprehensive singing training curriculum with high definition [...]