There are people that like to sing in a crowd and there are people that like to sing to a crowd.

My summer holiday started on a high as my favourite football team won the FIFA world cup. The streets of Berlin were alive with songs of celebration for days after Germany’s victorious win. Their dedication to fitness, technique and strategy seemed to make them very lucky.

My summer holiday progressed with perfection as we made our way as a family to the French island of Corsica. We stayed at a beach resort which offered lots of interactive entertainment for the holiday makers. In fact, the stretch of beach we called home for two weeks, sported about four holiday resorts next to each other, each offering their own entertainment programme. The evenings were particularly loud, as each resort presented a variety of shows, offering professional musical productions, beauty contests, and of course the highly popular Karaoke evenings. I was intrigued by how eager and confident people become when given the opportunity to shine. It’s not always about who is the best, but very often, it’s about climbing outside of your skin for a moment, and showing the world an undisclosed part of yourself. It is very liberating.

So whether entire football stadiums sing together in drunken unison, or whether a neon dressed 17 year old belts out her favourite summer hit on a karaoke stage, singing testifies to happiness. The happiest moments in the human life burst out in song.

If you have a pair of lungs and working vocal chords, then you can sing. Everyone can sing. And everyone can improve their voice.

You just need a clear and effective plan to get there.

Imagine a world where people don’t throw bombs at each other in hatred, but rather sing songs of peace and freedom. Let’s get everyone singing together!

So, for the sake of the greater good, consider signing up for Voxtrain, or, if singing is not your thing, purchase a gift subscription for a friend. Let’s cure the world of bad singing one Voxtrain subscription at a time. Together we can do it.