So, either you have signed up to Voxtrain or are still contemplating whether you will jump on board with us. Either way, you can certainly have high expectations for what Voxtrain will do for your singing talent. Here are 5 sure things that you will gain from training with us.

1. Knowledge

Knowing about how your body creates sound, and how to use it to sing to the best of your ability, is the foundation for singing well.  The Voxtrain instruction videos provide vital information and potent techniques for singers and encompass the content of an entire curriculum for singing training.  Together with this, there are content rich documents (reinforcing what is seen on the video), audio demos and groovy soundtracks to apply your learning.  Expect to grow in your knowledge of vocal skills which will in turn equip you to be a better singer.

2. Motivation

Having the motivation to persist in your training is difficult. The Voxtrain team understands this, which is why we aim at keeping things fun. From our snappy metro map, cool interactive designs and easy approach, we entice you to keep progressing. We also understand that your time is precious, so we keep singing training compact and intentional so that you can train your voice for 15 minutes a day. Expect to see the results of your efforts in six short months.

3. Action

A person can know all about singing and have loads of motivation, but until they actually do something, they won’t achieve anything. Putting into action what is learnt is what Voxtrain does best. We proudly give you two unique features that will ensure your efforts count. Firstly, the vocal gym gives you a varied, daily workout, using the exercises demonstrated in the videos. These are set to soundtracks creating a fun and stimulating workout. Secondly, the record feature lets you hear what you sound like, giving you the perfect opportunity to repeat and tweak. Practical and straight forward, expect Voxtrain to get you into action so that you can you progress towards reaching your singing goals.

4. Improvement

It’s a saying we all know, ‘practice makes perfect’. Therefore, it makes sense that as you follow Voxtrain’s recommendation of 15 minutes a day and follow our other suggestions in the lessons, you will begin to hear the improvement in your voice. This will likely be evident in your singing technique, accuracy, range and stamina as well as your confidence. We all want to see our hard work pay off, and you can expect that as you continue training with Voxtrain. You will become a better singer.

5. Success!

Whatever success looks like to you, the Voxtrain team knows the hard work that goes into achieving it. So, as our subscribed users work hard to reach their dreams, we applaud every day’s training, every exercise repeated and the daily determination to keep going. The Voxtrain tool is designed with your success in mind, and will guide you along the journey towards reaching your dream. Expect success, you deserve it!

Whatever your goals are for singing, we can help you get there. We love hearing about success stories, so, why not drop us a line and tell us yours?