In part one, Mandy Jean gives three tips of how to use Voxtrain to our full advantage. She encourages us to go slowly and master each stage of our development. She suggests we do Voxtrain regularly to grow our vocal fitness, and to record ourselves singing to get a better understanding of what we sound like outside of our heads. Here Mandy Jean gives us two more pieces of advice about getting the most out of Voxtrain.

Don’t neglect the hard parts

“Singing is fun, healthy and therapeutic. Everyone should feel the liberty to sing, it’s free after all! But if you want to be a serious singer and increase your skills, then you need to pay regular attention to the things that you find difficult to do. It is much more fun to repeat the things that you are good at. Perhaps you can sing riffs and runs like an Olympic acrobat and of course, it is much more fun to repeat these lessons and exercises the most. It’s a powerful feeling. At the same time you could be struggling with your tone quality in your higher registers, and it is not fun to repeat the exercises that develop that part of your voice because it is hard. But this is the moment that separates the beginners from the pros. Amateurs practice it until they get it right. Professionals practice it until they can’t get it wrong anymore. So by all means, have fun with the things you are naturally good at, but also spend the necessary time to iron out the creases on the harder parts.”

Apply it to songs

“The best way to test your technical skills is to apply to real songs what you have learnt and practised in the lessons. There are many websites where you can purchase soundtracks of your favourite songs. Start building up a repertoire of songs that you are comfortable with. There is nothing better than being prepared for a spontaneous moment. Perhaps you like to go to Karaoke bars with your friends or perhaps you would like to surprise a friend with a spontaneous song for their birthday. You never know when or where you could impress people with your singing skills that you have secretly been crafting.”

Voxtrain is a gym for your voice. Use it intentionally, habitually and confidently.

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