Have you heard the Sicilian proverb: “Only your true friends will tell you when your face is dirty”? You are probably smiling as you read this because the honest friends are the ones that tell us the things we need to hear. We all need someone to have our back, and it is no different for singers. We don’t hear what we really sound like from inside our own heads, so an honest friend is a valuable thing to have.
I can hear the Sicilians cheering as I write this, because every singer would benefit from having a singing buddy at some time or other. Someone to tell you the awful truth, to sing your praises or to simply encourage you to keep trying. But that’s not all they’re good for. Here are some other reasons for why you should find that special singing buddy:

1. They will help you to stick to the commitment.

To become a better singer requires a commitment to sing every day, well, most days. When you have scheduled a singing date with your singing buddy, you’ll be less likely to flop on the couch with the TV remote when you know someone is waiting for you. A singing buddy gets you singing fit.

2. They give you encouragement and feedback.

When it’s not such a great singing day, your singing buddy puts things into perspective for you and encourages you to try again tomorrow. They are the first to cheer you on when you finally hit that elusive note, sharing in the joy of your personal triumph. They are good at kicking you when you are being lazy and getting you motivated again. A singing buddy is a singing friend.

3. They will help you to master harmonising.

For the majority of us, who can’t harmonise naturally, learning this skill on your own is almost impossible. It requires two or more voices. Having a singing buddy will give you a regular opportunity to develop your ability to harmonise. A singing buddy will compliment your singing.

4. They will spark your creativity.

Having a friend to sing with is fun but things get really exciting when you start to experiment. Your singing buddy will likely have some ideas that you haven’t thought of yet, and will encourage you to venture out. Ideas beget ideas, and soon you will be singing out of the box. A singing buddy will bring out the best.

5. They will boost your confidence.

Singing in front of a new audience is often daunting, but once you have become accustomed to having someone hearing you regularly, your nerves will be forgotten. Doing things as a team is an effective confidence booster, so it makes sense that singing together makes us bolder. A singing buddy doesn’t allow you to stay shy.

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