“I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
W.B. Yeats

When I read this quote, I immediately thought of how vulnerable we feel when we share something of our dreams with others. As an Irish poet, Yeats must have had many occasions where he shared his creativity with both the appreciative and the scoffer. The fear of being laughed at or not taken seriously can stop any dreamer’s journey in its tracks.

Could this be the answer to why so many people just give up on their dreams to sing? Has Yeats hit the nail on the head for all those unsung songs waiting in peoples’ chests?

How can we make sure our dreams survive the big boots of those who walk alongside us? Here are some thoughts:

1. Rise above the embarrassment. People aren’t accustomed to hearing a singer practice. All the strange sounds tend to make for great jokes and imitations. It’s true, no one teases the violinist or guitarist as they practice away day in and day out. But to become a better singer, vocal practising needs to happen every day. Here’s an idea: Find a secluded spot and use voxworkout on your mobile so that no one will hear your lip trills and other funny sounds.

2. Find an audience. Singing for people somehow makes us official singers in some people’s eyes, so finding an audience will gain you respect. Have you thought of joining a choir, giving karaoke a go or plucking up your courage and trying an open mic night?

3. Get some coaching. Learning how to master and optimise your voice can help you not only to sound great, but also to feel more confident. Singing teachers’ fees can clock up pretty quickly, so you could try online singing training. Check out voxtrain.com for a superb singing curriculum with videos, ‘how to’ demos, soundtracks and content rich documents.

Part of the fun of singing is to bring pleasure to those who hear us. It’s a worthy dream and one we should be encouraged to pursue. I’m sure those who share our lives would be saddened to know that their insensitivities caused our dreams to fade instead of adding fuel to our fire. So, I offer this encouragement: boldly share your budding talents with others and take strength in the fact that many a famous person has faced the same trepidation you feel and has walked the same path. Go for it!