Voxtrain is the revolutionary new online singing training tool that can help you to get your voice in shape. The beauty of signing up with Voxtrain is that you can train on your own time and at any place you wish. It’s so affordable that now anyone can reach their dreams of singing excellence. But which package is right for you?

No strings attached…

Once you have experienced our free sample pages and figured out how great Voxtrain is, you need to decide how much you would like to invest in your singing training. Voxtrain keeps things simple by allowing you to buy month on month, no strings attached, and no commitment. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to pay from your monthly budget, then the Voxtrain Pro Monthly pass of 10€ is for you.

Remember that your money will buy you full access to the Voxtrain tool, which gives you a complete set of lessons that will guide you on everything you need to know about singing training. These are complemented with HD videos, audios, rich documents and manuscript resources, a daily vocal gym and loads of motivation and inspiration.

Got some specific goals?

If you seriously want to invest in your singing and see yourself becoming the singer you have always dreamed of, then perhaps one of our fixed term Voxtrain Pro passes is for you. If perhaps you’ve got some short term goals and want to train intensely for a quarter, then the 3 Month pass for 30€ may suit you. Whereas if you need more time and your goals are more long term, a 6 Month pass for 55€ may be best. But if perhaps you are studying musical arts or theatre and need to train throughout the year, 12 Month pass for 100€ would be ideal for you. Regardless of your situation or the Voxtrain Pro pass you choose, with daily training you will see and hear improvement in your singing technique, range, stamina and confidence. Money well spent to be sure!

Give the gift of realising a dream…

Perhaps you aren’t a singer, but know someone special who is. Perhaps that person has dreams of singing either recreationally or as a career. Either way, you could contribute to their dreams becoming reality by providing them with their very own singing training tool. Voxtrain now offers an exciting gift option whereby you can purchase the perfect Voxtrain pass for that lucky recipient. They will be given everything that Voxtrain has to offer to help them reach their dreams of singing success.

Whichever package option is right for you at the moment, be sure to register and subscribe to Voxtrain. If you aren’t convinced yet, then try us out for a month, no strings attached, and see for yourself. We are confident that it will be 10€ well spent, and that you will see the difference in your singing even after one short month. Remember to tell your friends about Voxtrain!