Don’t you hate it when your voice breaks when you are singing? It’s a common problem that many developing singers encounter, but with a little understanding of how your vocal anatomy works, you can overcome it.

In your quest for smoothing the breaks in your voice, let’s start with understanding why they happen. To put things simply, you have three main registers: chest, middle and head registers. These are characterised by where the sound comes from when you sing, their quality and tone.

Chest register

These are the notes that vibrate in your chest and they create the deeper notes of your voice range. Try putting your hand on your chest and sing a low note. Can you feel the vibration?

Middle register

These are notes that vibrate in your mouth and they are the notes that make up your mid range. Try putting your hand over your mouth and sing a mid range note. Can you feel the vibration in the mouth area?

Head register

These are notes that vibrate in your head and they are usually the high notes of your range. You can’t feel the vibrations because of your skull bones, but you can feel the buzz in your head.

So how does this information relate to the breaks?

When you transition from one register to another, your voice can have some difficulty which results in that dreaded crack.

Your vocal chords are housed within your larynx which has the important job of allowing air and food through your throat. What singers need to know is that it can also help you to transition registers while singing without the breaks.


The larynx has the right muscles to manipulate the vocal chords to hit the right note. It has muscles on the outside that move it up and down and muscles on the inside that change the size and shape of the vocal chords. Developing these inner muscles will free your vocal chords to sing in tune, transition between notes and glide between the registers of your voice. Learning to relax those outer muscles can help you sing more freely and get a better result.

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See for smoothing out those breaks in your voice.