Top 5 reasons why singers love Voxtrain

Find out whether they could be your reasons too. So what is it about Voxtrain that is getting singers talking? Take a look at our top 5 reasons, they may very well ring true for you. If you haven’t had the Voxtrain experience yet, perhaps these will be good reasons for you to sign up. [...]

5 things singers can expect from Voxtrain

So, either you have signed up to Voxtrain or are still contemplating whether you will jump on board with us. Either way, you can certainly have high expectations for what Voxtrain will do for your singing talent. Here are 5 sure things that you will gain from training with us. 1. Knowledge Knowing about how your body [...]

How to get the best out of Voxtrain – Part 1

Mandy Jean is a session singer, performer and vocal teacher presently living in Berlin. Voxtrain is an idea that was birthed by her and her husband Heinz, a musician and entrepreneur. Their goal is to make singing training accessible and affordable for anyone who has a dream to sing. Both Mandy Jean and Heinz are qualified in [...]