In the singing world you may be asked on more than one occasion, “What are you?’’  You may want to answer with something sarcastic, like, “I thought I looked like a normal human,” but that may not gain you any points within the present company.  What the question is implying is how is your voice classified? What is your voice range?

Generally speaking, your range is all the notes that you can produce that have a recognisable musical sound to them.  When classifying a voice, this range is taken into consideration along with the voice’s weight, colour and tessitura, in other words, the singing comfort zone.

For those who would appreciate some clarity on technical terms, here is a dummy’s guide to voice classification:

  • Soprano– A higher sounding voice that can comfortably sing between middle C and two octaves higher.
  • Mezzo-soprano– A heavier sounding tone that can comfortably sing the A below middle C and two octaves higher.
  • Contralto– The lowest of the female voice types that can sing an F below middle C and two octaves higher.
  • Tenor– The highest of the male voice types which can typically sing a C below middle C and two octaves higher.
  • Baritone– The most common voice in men which can sing two Fs below middle C and two octaves higher.
  • Bass– The lowest of the male voices which can manage singing two Es below middle C and two octaves above that. This voice is a wonderful contributor to an acappella singing group or a choir.

Voxtrain, the new online voice training tool, focusses on the four broad ranges:

Bass, Tenor, Alto and Soprano.

It assists you in identifying your voice range right from the beginning, helping you to train your voice effectively.

With a regular voice training schedule like that offered by Voxtrain, you can also increase your range, thereby becoming a more accomplished singer. Voxtrain will teach you everything you need to know about singing so that you can reach those higher and lower notes with ease and confidence.

So next time you have to answer THE question, you can confidently say, “Well actually, I’m an amazing Alto!”

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