Find out whether they could be your reasons too.

So what is it about Voxtrain that is getting singers talking? Take a look at our top 5 reasons, they may very well ring true for you. If you haven’t had the Voxtrain experience yet, perhaps these will be good reasons for you to sign up.

1. It’s affordable

To keep improving your voice you need to train. To train, you need a coach. To have a coach, you need money… follow? But Voxtrain provides a complete and comprehensive curriculum for singers. Signing up to Voxtrain is free of charge, getting you on your way with an initial set of introductory lessons. Voxtrain Pro costs 10€ a month and opens up full access to the entire programme. Singers have told us it’s a small price to pay for a daily singing routine that works and inspires.

2. It’s fun

The boredom of repetition in training is everyone’s complaint, but singers say it is not so with Voxtrain. We have made practising fun. Our groovy metro map design and motivating soundtracks keep singers engaged and motivated to stay on track with daily training. Everyone here at Voxtrain prefers to do things the fun way, don’t you?

3. It’s systematic

Ever got into a momentum of practising and then suddenly not known what to do next? Yip, we know that story. That’s what we have strived to avoid with Voxtrain. Singers have said that they love how the next step is a click away, and they have peace of mind that the Voxtrain tool will keep them advancing in their singing training. We have taken the guess work out of ‘what’s next?’

4. It’s motivating

There are a couple of features that make Voxtrain a winner with singers. The first is the vocal gym. Users can do a 15 minute vocal workout and know that they are continuing to strengthen and improve their voice. Singers have told us that because it’s so easy to do, it works. Users also love the recording feature and have said that it was revolutionary to hear their voice from outside their own head. They were able to perfect their efforts by continuing to listen to their recordings. When we can see the results of our efforts, we can’t resist coming back for more.

5. It’s impersonal

Want to train on your own terms, in your own space without feeling exposed in front of anyone?  This is part of the Voxtrain package which makes it a favourite with even the most reticent of singers.   We come to you while you are in your socks, on your balcony, before breakfast…  allowing you all the benefits of impersonal training while being in control of your own singing development.  Watch yourself thrive with Voxtrain’s unique and non-threatening approach.

Now you know what the song and dance is all about, so why not spread the good news.