Learn to Sing

18 weeks of day-by-day voice lessons and exercises

Voice Training is hard.

Worldwide, singers have the same struggles

"I lack discipline"

"I don't have a plan. I wish I could have a gym-like program for my voice."

"I want to train my voice, but I really don't know what to do. I only end up singing songs."

"Even with a weekly music lesson, I still get stuck in my daily practice."

"Online voice coaches have conflicting methods. It's very confusing."

"I can't afford music lessons."

Voxtrain makes it easy

Voxtrain offers 3 courses to transform your voice.

6 Weeks

01 Fundamentals

Learn to Warm Up Properly, Correct Posture, Breathe Effectively, Develop Resonance, Know your Vocal Anatomy, Master your Onsets, Deal with Nasality so Much More.

6 Weeks

02 Intermediate

Build on the Fundamentals and Understand Registers, Increase your Range, Fine Tune your Articulation, and Increase your Vocal Agility. Seriously, so much more than we can mention!

6 Weeks

03 Advanced

Go All Out and Develop your Ear, Discover your Signature Sound, Learn how to Sing in Different Genres and Styles, Tweak your Vocal Settings, and Belt Like a Pro.

Course Method

Typical Lesson

Video (Instruction).

Rich Texts and Sketches (Information). Audio Exercises (Application)

What others say

"It's lessons are not worth of 1000€.They are worth of billion of €.Thanks for transforming my voice."
New Zealand

"I've been searching intensively for online courses to learn how to sing and I really didn't find any that provide systematic approach for developing the voice. This app is just priceless"

1srt time of my life I'm rating an app. And god knows I've a lot. This app is just perfect to train singing. Thanks a lot ! Amazing
United States

I really like the lessons! Some of them are still a bit difficult for me, but I see myself that my singing has been improved a lot! Very good!!!

Very manageable amount to learn each day and it's definitely helped my singing
United States

User-friendly, intuitive with incredible content! This is the best music education system that I have come across in my 12 years as a music educator. Keep rocking, developers!
United Kingdom

Highly recommended! You are a download away from transforming your singing! Absolutely Brilliant!
United States

Take a peek!

The typical lesson

Firstly, a teaching video for instruction. Secondly, text and sketch documents for information. Thirdly, audio exercises set to music for application. Finally, manuscripts to accompany the exercise tracks.

Daily video lessons

Voxtrainers watch these training clips more than 1,5 million times every month, and this number only grows. Mandy studied Jazz and Contemporary Music at Tshwane University and taught at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. She also has a Level 7 Certificate with the Voice Workshop in the UK, and is currently working towards further vocal studies. Her professional singing career includes solo, a cappella, vocal ensembles, shows, cabarets, choir and band work in multiple genres.

Android? Apple? Laptop?

Access your Voxtrain course on any device. Dedicated Voxtrain Apps coming very soon.

Audio exercise with manuscript


As part of the learning material, vivid sketches reveal the anatomy of your incredible voice and body. Why should only guitarists know their instruments? Very often, a simple explanation of the larynx or diaphragm leads to a massive "aha" moment and correct a problem.

A lesson a day, rest days included

This course is designed to remove all excuses and make you a better singer. Day by day. Step by step. Easy to follow.

Take a listen

Here is a tiny sample of your Voxtrain demo audio exercises. These exercises make a whole lot of sense inside the training program as each exercise is designed to achieve a specific result.

Fifths Warmup

Shades of tone

Middle register


Fifths Warmup 2

All audio © Mandy Schrader & Voxtrain.com

What you get

Incredible value.

More than $2000 of singing lessons.

Day-by-day training program. No guessing.

From as little as 19 cents per day.

82 training videos, 100’s of audio exercises with manuscripts.

26 anatomical sketches.

Available on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

Transform your voice

Voxtrain has been tested and certified by the Educational Appstore with a high score of 85. Here are some highlights from the independent report.

“The skill, knowledge and depth of the app is outstanding, and wholly suitable for a budding singer.”

“It offers some basic explanations to get started, and when completing the beginners course, you can then move onto the intermediate and advanced courses to improve your singing further. The detail in this is very impressive. I love the engaging way in which the presenter goes through the biological reasoning for singing.”

Money back guarantee

Yes, a 14 day Money Back Guarantee

Voxtrain has been designed, delivered, tweaked, redesigned, relaunched and consistently upgraded since July 2013. Surveys, artist interviews, user feedback, requests, and lots of work went into this current version. We are so confident that it will develop your singing, that we provide this money back guarantee. No questions asked. We only want happy students.


What is Voxtrain?

Voice lessons in your pocket. Voxtrain is a voice training program for those who want to learn to sing at home. So many singers want to sing better, increase their vocal range, and develop their own signature sound. Voxtrain was designed to help singers overcome all excuses and all obstacles by providing a day-by-day system that covers everything they need to become a better singer. The course content was developed by singers and voice coaches. The exercises were composed in recording studios to keep students inspired and engaged. 26,5% of our singing community work all the way through the program, which is phenomenal, and proves how much value they get from these singing courses. Since Voxtrain was built by musicians for musicians, a lot of passion and effort went into explaining the inner workings of the actual voice from a scientific perspective. This was done because there are so many fads, diva's, and branded methodologies out there that it is confusing. Our voice coaches studied hundreds of books and academic articles so you wouldn’t have to. Rich content and hundreds of powerful exercises were combined to put a simple program in your hands, so you can take your singing to the next level.

Who uses Voxtrain?

Our courses are aimed at people older than 15 years.
Beginners who might not know music theory, but still love singing.
Singing students who need a daily tool to help them train.
Choir members who are looking for voice training and warmup tools between choir practices.
Professional singers. Yes, we have some professional singers who use Voxtrain to stay in shape and increase their flexibility. Our set of proper warming up techniques help them to take care of the voice, so they can keep up with the high demand placed on their voices with touring.

How much does it cost?

There are multiple payment options to access the Voxtrain courses.
Option 1: Each 6 week course costs $29, with a payment option of $10 p.m. for 3 months.
Option 2: Membership access for one year to all 3 courses (Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced) will cost $69, with a payment option of $24 p.m. for 3 months.
Option 3: Month-to month for $8.99 or annual fee of $59.

Is Voxtrain available as iOS and Android Apps?

Voxtrain is hosted on PodiaVoxtrain is hosted on Podia, and works on all devices, but it is not available as an app.

Some interesting facts about our current Voxtrain users.

From Voxtrain's first 100'000 users, we have had complete novices as well as professional artists using Voxtrain. Our biggest demographic is 30-39, second biggest is 13-19, and third biggest group is 20-29. Voxtrain is presented in English, and so our top 10 ranking cities are New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Johannesburg, Toronto, Berlin, Atlanta, Sydney, and Vancouver. Except for Iceland, there are Voxtrainers in more than 160 countries! Come on Iceland!

Does Voxtrain replace my singing teacher?

An online course could never replace a teacher. However, so many people worldwide are part of a self-learning revolution, and so many more cannot afford music lessons. Voxtrain tried to bridge the gap between a tool for voice coaches to help them work through a structured course with their students, and a music lesson alternative for the passionate singer who doesn't have access to music lessons. Since Voxtrain is not trying to brand a methodology, and is based on scientific research, our exercises and content can be used in conjunction with a private voice coach. Think of it as a gym full of equipment for your voice. Voxtrain offers a gym and a training program. If you had a voice coach, it means you have a dedicated trainer as well.

More Feedback

As a complete novice singer, but professional musician, I've come further with this app, than any other. Steady skill building through a programme of daily exercises, coaches the student upon laying a solid foundation as the app guides the student towards ongoing and more advanced development ... Great!!!Simply excellent. A very well thought out methodology.Love it
Zazas 79, United States
Idk no more names, United States

I m a classical vocalist and I was in search of such app where u can practice in correct manner. Sometimes we don't aware about our wrong notes , here on this app our notes and pitch will be perfectly ok , secondly breathing is very important and this app has taken care of that also.
Get it, Korea cool

So far so good. Does what it claims to brilliantly. No sound
Chacha&, Germany

It really improved my singing I am a actress and one of those things in acting is singing and it really really improved my singing and when I was done with the 6 weeks I discovered that my new talent is singing. voxtrain you are the BEST!!!!!!!
Tex2146643, Germany

Just started a while ago and in the mood already! Great App from beginners to Mid and Pros also. I feel like I have gotten better but I'm still bad
yInosing, Australia

This App is amazing. Clear, easy to follow and effective. I love the daily steps and makes it easy to commit to a daily routine. Videos are great and the writing part useful and never boring. Finally this App is a good reason to see your teenager kids on the phone! Awesome! Super
Elenagal, Germany

Easy to use platform and great resource, I can see myself using it more and more. Good platform
HelenlovesMac, Canada

I am new at voice training and found this app quite helpful along with my lessons from my instructor. I can do this on my own or use the warm up exercises before my lessons. Once you have completed the weekly sessions you are able to go back and practice some more. Is there a mic?
Brain-o-matic, United States

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