Transform Your Voice in 12 Weeks

Journey With Us Towards Your Singing Dream

  • Train anywhere, anytime on mobile or desktop.
  • Only 33 cents a day.
  • 48 singing lessons and more coming soon!
  • No risk. Sing better in 12 weeks or your money back.
  • A complete singing course (read more below).
Transform your singing with the world’s first cloud based online singing training experience. Voxtrain will train you to warm up your voice safely, develop your breath control, increase your natural resonance and learn to express differing tones. You will be able to expand your range and develop your own, personal signature sound. Sing with agility and power, master your articulation, and craft your own mix of riffs and runs. It’s time to make that singing dream a reality.

Who Uses Voxtrain?

Join the host of singers who have found the key to unlock their singing potential…

  • Beginners. You don’t know music theory, but you love singing!
  • Music Students. You need a daily tool. This is for you.
  • Karaoke Superstars. We’ll give you the edge. Bring the house down!
  • Choir Members. For those days between choir practices.
  • Professional Singers. Join other professional singers and keep your voice in top form.
“The best thing about Voxtrain is that I’m discovering new aspects about my voice each day, giving me the tools to really progress as a singer more than ever before. Voxtrain is a great way to take your singing to the next level, go for it!”
Simon Horn, Germany
“I am officially a Voxtrain person. Doing my happy dance right now. I had laryngitis and lost my voice and am struggling to get my range etc back. I had just said to my husband I needed something to keep me on track.”

Siobhan Livingstone, Ireland
“Having previously taken singing lessons, I can say that Voxtrain is one of the most useful ways I have seen for learning and improving your singing. I love the way you can practice as many times as you need with all the necessary tools available.”
Miriam Cuerva, Spain

Voxtrain Pricing

Invest in your voice, invest in your dream and move towards your preferred future.

Voxtrain Free

  • Test drive Voxtrain – Start your singing training Journey
  • Costs you nothing, gets you going
  • No Commitment
  • 6 Singing Lessons
  • Warm Ups and Basic Breathing
  • Voxtrain Go – 10 weeks, 10 emails, 10 tips
  • Limited use of the VoxWorkout Vocal Gym
  • More Free Content – Voxtrain YouTube Channel
  • Advertising

Voxtrain Pro

10per month
  • £8 • $12
  • Leverage the full power of Voxtrain – Transform your voice
  • Costs you 3 Caffe Lattés, moves your dream into reality
  • Full Money Back Guarantee, No Contract, Cancel any time
  • Complete Singing Curriculum of 48 Lessons (with more to come soon)
  • Pro Breathing, Resonance, Registers, develop your Signature Sound, extend your Range, Vocal Agility, Articulation and Intervals (with more to come soon)
  • Voxtrain VoiceCamp – 12 week training schedule, day-by-day
  • Full use of the VoxWorkout Vocal Gym for your essential 15 minutes-a-day training session
  • More Content and New Functionality to come
  • No Advertising

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